top photographers: synopsis

We watched two episodes of America’s top photographers, it is about who is the best photographer and overcoming challenges. There is five people, Chris, Scott, Jamiya, Andrew, and Roxy. In the first challenge they have an athlete as their model, who is an olympic fencer. Roxy wins the round because she is truly able to […]

File formats

JPEG It is one of the best known file formats and JPEG files are compressed quickly in the camera, which results in loss of detail and quality. TIFF A industry-standard file format commonly used and are usually uncompressed which results offer the opportunity for extensive post-processing. RAW Raw files are compressed and retains all of the […]

Framing a subject

Do I have a strong composition? I think my composition could be a bit better but it isn’t terrible. How well did I edit my photographs? I edited my pictures pretty well, I spent a good amount of time trying to get it just how I like and have the focus on my subjects. What […]


Brooke Shaden  is an amazing surrealist photography who inspired me for my surrealism assignment. Most of her photography has a subject in different situations. The fantasy in her photography is what really caught my attention. Her photography can be a bit repetitive and some photographs are similar but still great work. The photograph above is […]

Outdoor natural portraits

5 tips of how to photograph great portraits: pick one focus point and always focus on the eyes avoid direct sunlight and shoot in the shade when shooting portraits use the rule of thirds and have the subject’s eyes are in the top third of the image include texture and position subject against a background with […]

Camera Modes

automatic modes– In automatic mode the camera uses it’s best judgement when selecting the Iso, aperture, White balance, shutter speed, and focus. The results of the pictures are good but the camera is technically guessing the best options. portrait modes– On portrait mode it is automatically selecting a large aperture. The larger the aperture helps […]