My Inspiration

Things that inspire me are others work, landscapes themselves, my music, shows I watch, friends, family, my boyfriend, simple things that I think are beautiful or cool sometimes gives me inspirations for photos or paintings.


HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range.” HDR is a technology that improves the range of color and contrast in a digital photo. It is photography that captures a very high level of contrast, including very bright highlights that still have detail instead of being pure white, and very deep shadows that still have detail instead […]


travel photography: $45,581 fashion photography:  $41,354 landscape photography: $39,308 wildlife photography: $40,676 art photography: $74,679 Photojournalism: $34,070 Advertising photography: $51,965 wedding photography: $67,000 Sport photography: $38,000 Street photography:  $39,846 I think if I was to pursue photography as a career or even just as a side hobby I would do landscape photography just because it […]

Critique: Henri Cartier Bresson

I really love both of these images, mainly because of the kids. In the first one, the children are playing but the little girl is clinging onto the other which gives off a feeling of fear. At glance it seems like just happy little kids playing around having fun but once looking at the photograph […]